The Bank of Israel has announced a competition for the design of the new series of banknotes.

The Bank of Israel says it invites suitable candidates to take part in a competitive proceeding for the selection of a designer for a new series of State of Israel banknotes.

It was announced several months ago that the current series of State of Israel banknotes was to be replaced. Currently bearing the likenesses of the late Prime Minister Moshe Sharett, Nobel Literature Prizewinner Shmuel Yosef Agnon, and former Presidents Yitzchak Ben-Tzvi and Zalman Shazar, the new notes will feature writers Rachel the Poetess, Leah Goldberg, Sha’ul Tchernichovsky and Natan Alterman.

The replacement of banknotes once every 12–15 years is an accepted practice in advanced economies, the Bank of Israel states, occasioned mainly by the aging of the security features on the banknotes and the development of more advanced anti- counterfeit means.

The banknotes in circulation today - the Second Series of the New Israel Shekel, issued in 1999 - will be replaced by redesigned banknotes with advanced security features. The denominations will not change, and will remain NIS 20, 50, 100, and 200.

The Public Committee for the Planning of Banknotes and Coins will serve as competition referee, on behalf of the Governor of the Bank of Israel, for the choice of design and designer of the series among the design works that reach the final stage of the proceeding. The Committee will examine the design works from the standpoints of aesthetics, artistic quality, and suitability for successful performance as banknotes.

Monetary prizes will be offered to the top three design works, with 150,000, 100,000 and 50,000 shekels going to the top three finishers, respectively.

Only those individuals who satisfy all of the following requirements may take part in the proceeding:

  • A citizen or resident of Israel;
  • Holder of a certificate attesting to the completion of higher studies in design and graphics and at least five years’ proven experience in graphic design work, or alternatively, at least 10 years’ proven experience in graphic design work;
  •  Strong proficiency in Hebrew and English;
  •  Absence of conviction and/or of investigation regarding an offense that carries moral turpitude, except where the limitations clause under the Criminal Record and Penitence Regulations Law, 1981, applies, and/or the absence of any current legal proceeding or investigation against the candidate that is defined as material in the Bank’s exclusive judgment;
  •  Bookkeeping certification.
The deadline for the tendering of bids is two months from now, July 17, 2011, at 14:00. Bids may be tendered Sunday–Thursday mornings at the Bank of Israel in Jerusalem or at the Bank of Israel branch in Tel Aviv. 

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