American conservative talk show host Glenn Beck, is in Israel and visited the Temple Mount Tuesday. 
Beck has been talking a great deal about Israel lately, particularly his concern that “Israel is being set up.” He believes that U.S. attacks on Libya may be part of a plan to authorize future attacks against Israel.
Beck visited the Temple Mount ten years ago. “I had done some reading but I didn’t understand until I went there,” Beck told on Friday and Saturday, just prior to his departure. “The Temple Mount almost pulsated. I could feel it.”
The decision to go this weekend was made just a few days ahead of time. "He’s working on a project," explained. "During our phone conversation, he spoke with a measured enthusiasm, indicating the project is deeply important to him and that he hoped have more information to reveal very soon.
Beck will also be speaking at the “Christians United for Israel” event in Washington, DC on July 19th. Photos of the current visit are available for viewing here.