Yaron Barami
Yaron Barami Barami family

Einav Barami, widow of Prison Services officer Yaron Barami, gave birth to a son on Saturday, five months after her husband was killed in the Carmel fire disaster. Yaron Barami died along with dozens of other Prison Services officers when the bus they were traveling in caught fire. They had been evacuating a prison. 

“I will tell him about Yaron all the time, so that he knows who his father was, and how brave he was,” Einav Barami said of her young son. The two parents chose a name for their child together before Yaron was killed; the name will be revealed at his brit milah (ritual circumcision).

Yaron is also survived by a daughter, who is two years old.

The timing of the birth, shortly before Memorial Day, made the occasion particularly emotional, Einav said. On Memorial Day, she plans to visit Yaron's grave.

The Prison Services cadets and police officers who were killed in the fire will be officially remembered this Memorial Day, although three firefighters who were also killed will not be. There has been controversy over the matter, and the prime minister has announced the formation of a committee to examine the demands by relatives of the firefighters to include their loved ones in the ceremony.

Several other children have been born to men killed in the Carmel disaster. Hofit Hayat gave birth to a daughter in December, just ten days after her husband, Danny, died from injuries sustained in the fire.

In January, Olga Ohana, widow of Kfir Ohana, gave birth to a son. “I feel like he filled an empty space,” she said at the time. Her husband had dreamed of having a child, she added. Later in the month, a firstborn daughter was born to Ana Derman, widow of Ciril Derman.

In early March, Akhlas Abu-Reish, widow of fallen Prison Services officer Wassim Abu-Reish, gave birth to a daughter. The child was named Rahab, a name Wassim had chosen before his death.