National Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau visited Kiryat Arba and Hevron earlier this week, where he met the heads of the local Jewish communities, as well as with Malachi Levinger, head of the Kiryat Arba local council.

“My impression is that the true infrastructures of Israel are not water or energy, but rather the city of Hevron,” Landau said during the visit. “It has been this way from the days of our forefathers and it is true today. It is regrettable that the school system does not educate our young generation to this simple truth.”

Landau called for “a change of heart” and to strengthen Hevron by conducting tours, educating about the city, and also by building there. “With the change of heart, the rest will follow,” he said.

Addressing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s upcoming visit to the United States and meeting with President Barack Obama, Landau said that Netanyahu “should visit Hevron and Jerusalem before travelling to the US. He should begin his address by saying that he comes from the land of Hevron and Zion, and elaborate on our right to this land. He should stress the justice of the Zionist Enterprise.”

During Landau’s visit, he conducted a professional meeting with Mayor Levinger. During the meeting the two discussed ways to promote the local infrastructure and to avoid pollution.