MK Sarsoor (left).
MK Sarsoor (left).Israel news photo (file): Flash 90


MK Ibrahim Sarsoor of the extremist Arab list Ra'am Ta'al called the assassination of Osama Bin Laden a "murder" and said that it was carried out as part of Barack Obama's preparations for the next presidential elections.
"The mixing of Arab and Muslim blood into election campaigns in the U.S. and Israel is no longer uncommon," the Islamist Sarsoor said in a statement to the press. "Anyone who follows the cycle of blood and elections in American-Israeli culture in the last ten years will see it clearly and without a doubt."
"I cannot rule out that the murder of Bin Laden was the start of Obama's election campaign for a second term, especially in view of the fact that the Republican majority in Congress is waiting to pounce on him over his political steps on both foreign and internal affairs."
"The murder of Sheikh Bin Laden must cause us to pause and consider not only the event itself, but also what stands behind the action, so that we raise the hard questions whose time has come."
Sarsoor said that it would be a mistake to ignore the reasons that caused Al-Qaeda and other jihadi groups to choose an extremist line. The reasons, he explains, are the oppression of Arabs by regimes that are propped up by the West and the West's support for Israel over "Palestine" and the Al Aqsa mosque (the mosque built by Muslims at the spot where the Jewish Temple stood - ed.).
These causes will continue to be the reasons for the hatred felt by most of the Arab world toward the US, the West and Israel, and will bring about movements that "sometimes err as they wage the legitimate struggle with injustice and its causes." 
"The Arab nation has taken its first steps toward its second independence through the revolutions against the oppressive regimes," Sarsoor said. "The West in general and the US in particular should learn the lessons as soon as possible. Even if it murders jihad leaders and spills the blood of pure innocents in Arab and Muslim countries, topples regimes and replaces them with ones more loyal to it, the US will not succeed in changing the feelings of hatred of our nation toward it, especially on the Palestinian question."
Repeated attempts to block Sarsour's party from running to the Knesset have been blocked by the Israeli Supreme Court.