A poll shows that 61percent of Americans support defending Israel if it is attacked – more than those who support defending all but three other countries.

Polls on this topic are carried out by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC, on behalf of Rasmussen Reports. The most recent of these surveys, taken last week, dealt only with nine countries – not including Israel, which was asked about in an earlier survey.

The most recent findings show that Canada, Great Britain and Australia enjoy the greatest support among Americans in terms of willingness to come to their defense. Eighty percent said they would support coming to Canada’s defense, 74% would for Great Britain, and 65% for Australia. Next on the list was Israel, with 61%, as opposed to 26% who said they would oppose supporting Israel if it was attacked.

The Bahamas and Panama each enjoy a 58% support rate among Americans in this regard.

In general, Americans are not eager to send their sons to defend other countries. The US has a military defense treaty with Brazil, for instance, but only 33% of Americans say they would support going to its defense if it were attacked; 53% would oppose. Only 46% support coming to the aid of France or Spain, 38% would for Belgium, and 28% for Portugal.