Hills of Samaria (illustrative)
Hills of Samaria (illustrative) Israel news photo

Jewish residents of Givat Ronen successfully beat back an attack on their community Tuesday morning by Palestinian Authority Arabs.

IDF soldiers and police officers were called to the scene by the attackers themselves after residents of the small Samaria community fought back.

The Arabs claimed that one of their number suffered an arm wound from live ammunition.

According to police, however, the attacker was injured when a stone hit him. It was not clear who threw the stone.

One man living in the Samaria Jewish community suffered a head injury in the attack. 

“The events at Givat Ronen yesterday are a classic example of Palestinian provocation prearranged with PR efforts to draw the victims as criminals,” said Yaakov David Ha'Ivri, executive director of the Shomron (Samaria) Liaison Office.

“A Jewish shepherd was assaulted by an Arab mob while minding his sheep in the field. That Jewish farmer was hit in the head with a rock and taken to hospital,” he told Israel National News in an emailed statement.

“Claims that an Arab was shot are not true,” Ha'Ivri confirmed.

Some 25 families live in Givat Ronen, located on a hilltop south of Shechem, near Har Bracha. Government forces have repeatedly raided the small community over the past year. There have also been several clashes with Arab villagers from the nearby Palestinian Authority village of Burin.

Just a few weeks ago, the community was violently raided by plainclothes police who came to arrest an IDF reserves officer a few minutes before midnight. When residents demanded to see the officers' identification to ensure they were not terrorists coming to attack, the police responded instead by calling Yassam special forces who brutally beat the residents and forced their way into their homes through the windows.