Fogel Home in Itamar
Fogel Home in Itamar Yoni Kempinski

IsraelNationalNews TVvisited the Samaria community of Itamar on Sunday, shortly after it was announced that the murderers of the Fogel family, who resided in Itamar and were brutally killed just over a month ago, had been caught.

“I’m not surprised [that the murderers were caught],” said Itamar mayor Moshe Goldshmidt. “We have a very strong army that does its job in putting its hand on the terrorists, and obviously we’re very happy about that, but unfortunately we’re very aware of the danger that surrounds our community and surrounds the entire land of Israel today.”

Goldshmidt pointed out that “we’re in a war situation. In a war situation, you catch one terrorist, you catch a couple, but unfortunately there are a lot more out there, and we do expect from the army and the leadership of the country to wake up and do what has to be done in order to prevent such terrible atrocities from occurring again.”

He called on the IDF “to be on the offensive and not be on the defensive all the time.”

As Pesach will be celebrated on Monday night and despite the recent difficulties and the emotions brought out by the capture of the murderers, Goldshmidt called on everyone “to find the inner strength to go on and to build, and not let the terrorists do what they want to do, [which is to] put fear and sorrow in our hearts. The Pesach holiday is a holiday which talks about the Jewish people leaving Egypt and reaching freedom and coming to the land of Israel eventually, and of course that’s our goal: to build our land and to be happy and go on living.”

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