Police in Rhodes have launched a manhunt for a suspect of "Middle Eastern" appearance who approached an Israeli couple and tried to give them a suspicious object.

The couple,  passengers on a ship anchored in Rhodes, were dubious of the suspect's motives and reported the incident to the local police.

Rhodes Police, as well as other police departments in the Greek Islands, released a physical description of the suspect, who they believe is involved in smuggling contraband or terrorist activity.

The incident occurs amidst heightened security tensions in the wake of increased violence in the Gaza region. In addition, with Passover approaching, Israel's Counter-Terrorism Bureau has released a threat warning for Israeli's traveling abroad during the holiday, especially in Africa and the Near East.

The Director of Security for Israel's Transportation Ministry praised the couple for their security consciousness and their determination not to be seduced by suspicious offers that could have endangered them and those around them.

The Ministry also called on Israelis travelling abroad to maintain high vigilance and report unusual incidents as quickly as possible.