Ambush (file)
Ambush (file) Israel news photo: Flash 90

Malkah Mahon of Maaleh Levona in Samaria was the victim of an apparent attempt to murder her Sunday afternoon.

She had just driven out of Maaleh Levona and began heading toward Ariel, to see her son, when she encountered a vehicle with Palestinian Authority license plates apparently trying to carry out a U-turn in a bend in the road. Two Arabs were standing outside the vehicle. They motioned to her, inviting her to drive past them.
Something seemed wrong, however, and Malkah decided to wait for the vehicle to complete its U-turn.  
At that point the two Arabs approached her vehicle and tried to clamber onto it. "I started driving and they started pelting me with rocks and at the same time, the Palestinian car started ramming me several times and tried to knock me off the road," she told Arutz Sheva.
Mahon managed to drive away and to press the distress button in her car. The IDF contacted her and asked her to drive to Eli, where she underwent initial IDF questioning about the event. A representative of the Judea and Samaria police was also present. 
The attackers apparently fled to the nearby village of Sinjel.
Mahon's late son, Evyatar, escaped an attempted abduction at Eli Junction on 2007, and his presence of mind and courage helped security forces arrest the three Hamas terrorists who attacked him. He was killed in a traffic accident a short time later, at age 17.5, on his way back from a trip in the Golan Heights.
Residents of Maaleh Levona noted that this is not the first time that Arabs attempted an ambush against the community's inhabitants. Not long ago, a terrorist dressed as a haredi Jew tried to abduct a woman but a malfunction in his car foiled the attempt.
Judea and Samaria Police spokesman Gil Elhadad told Arutz Sheva that the attack was "very grave" and that "serious" efforts are being made to locate the suspects.
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