Soldiers at an IDF post near the Samaria town of Yitzhar – not far from Itamar, the site of the murder of the Fogel family just weeks ago – detected an attempted invasion of Arab terrorists on Friday night. The two terrorists who were attempting to get into the town escaped after a chase by IDF troops and the town's security brigade.

Soldiers detected two suspicious looking characters outside the town's security perimeter fence at about midnight Friday. The two were detected when they were about 150 meters from the fence, and were continuing to advance towards it. Troops focused a searchlight on them and called on them to halt, but the two began running away, escaping to a nearby Arab village. IDF troops entered the village in a search for the terrorists, but were unable to find them. They did, however, find seditious, anti-Israel material, including a PLO flag.

On Shabbat morning, after word spread throughout the town of the incident, residents approached the Arab village and conducted a protest outside it. A car was set on fire during the protests. No arrests were made.

Yitzhar residents praised IDF troops for their quick action in what they believe was another attempt by Arab terrorists to invade a Jewish town in Samaria and murder Jews. The incident was hauntingly familiar to the tragedy that occurred in Itamar just weeks ago, when terrorists successfully invaded the town and cold-bloodedly murdered five members of the Fogel family, including a three month old infant.

Friday night's incident occurred right outside the Shalhevet neighborhood where an Arab terrorist from the neighboring village of Azira al-Kabalia entered the town and set on fire a home in the town. The terrorist then stabbed a nine year old boy who attempted to alert security authorities of the terrorist's presence. The terrorist was killed a week later as he attempted to throw firebombs at Israeli vehicles in the area.