Apache helicopter
Apache helicopterIsrael news photo: IDF


Sudan says it is absolutely sure that Israel carried out a missile attack that killed two occupants of a vehicle as they drove from an airport near Port Sudan early Wednesday. The identity of the presumed terrorists was not revealed.

The Israeli government declined to comment on the missile strike, which may have targeted smugglers of Iranian weapons for the Hamas terrorist organization.

"A missile from an unknown source probably bombed the car," police spokesman Ahmed Al-Tahmi told Reuters. He earlier said that the missile probably was fired from the Red Sea, and government media initially blamed the attack on foreign aircraft before singling out Israel.

The news agency also quoted sources as sayng that eyewitnesses at the Sudanese airport saw what appeared to be two Apache helicopters.

Two years ago, Israel was suspected of being behind the bombing of a large convoy of Gaza-bound weapons smugglers who reached close to the Egyptian border before the aerial attack, which killed 119 people.

The convoy included at least 17 trucks with weapons from Iran. Israeli officials previously have warned that an international network of terrorists is behind the supply of weapons from Iran to Hamas through Yemen and Sudan. The weapons include anti-tank missiles and explosives.