Im Tirtzu Protest
Im Tirtzu Protest Hezki Ezra

Activists from the Im Tirtzu student Zionist group protested Sunday outside the Jerusalem home of Naomi Chazan, President of the New Israel Fund. Their demonstration was a response to a Washington Post article penned by Judge Richard Goldstone, in which he said that he was wrong to blame Israel for war crimes in his report about Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.  

The protesters called on Chazan to apologize for her role in the now-incontrovertibly debunked Goldstone Report

The demonstrators hurled copies of the Goldstone Report into a garbage dumpster, in an action that they said symbolized the fact that the Goldstone Report has wound up in the trash bin of history.

An Im Tirtzu report published over a year ago revealed that the Goldstone Report relied heavily on damning quotations from Israeli groups funded by the NIF.