Sanaa receives care.
Sanaa receives care. IDF Spokesman's Unit

A medical team from the IDF emergency delegation to Japan is treating a sick 11-month baby girl who has lost her home in the tsunami disaster. The girl, Sanae, was brought on Wednesday by her grandmother to the IDF clinic at Minami Sanriku, a town that has been obliterated in the catastrophe.


Sanae, who has an eye infection, was treated by Dr. Amit Asa, the clinic's pediatrician, and by ophtalmologist Lt.-Col. Orli Weinstein, with the aid of Captain Galit Bidner, the clinic nurse.
Sanae's grandmother received medicine and instructions on how to continue treatment, and was invited to return to the clinic with Sanae two days from now. She was also equipped with diapers and toys for Sanae.
Other patients who received care at the IDF clinic suffered from a variety of conditions and received a comprehensive medical response from the multi-specialty crew at the advanced medical clinic. The doctors were assisted by translators, both local and Israeli.
As the clinic opened Wednesday morning, the delegation commander met with the local mayor and district physician.