Palestinian Authority activists have recreated the Third Intifada page that was banned by Facebook on Tuesday in response to thousands of member requests.

An Israeli Cabinet minister, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and a massive Internet campaign were only some of the measures used to pressure the popular social networking site into removing the page, which promoted violence against Jews in Israel.

But the story doesn't end there, because angry Palestinian Authority sponsors of the page ensured the fight would continue. 

A Muslim page similarly entitled "Subscribe now to the Palestinian Intifada," on its logo but which is innocuously entitled "Make the Prophet Number One on Facebook" on the heading is listed under Non-profit Organizations.

Easily the largest and most popular Muslim page on Facebook, it espouses peace and offers myriad beneficent comments about Allah and Islam's founder, the Prophet Muhammed. But the Rassoul Allaah page also directs readers to directs readers to a wealth of links to other pages promoting the Third Intifada and a massive attempt to carry out the destruction of the State of Israel.

By Wednesday afternoon, the page had garnered more than three million -- 3,293,252 -- votes of support from Facebook members around the world. 

Organizers have summoned millions of Arabs from across the Middle East to march into Israel and forcibly attempt to implement a de facto “Right of Return,” the Arab euphenism for the mass immigration of several million Arabs.

The date for this march has been set for May 15 – the anniversary of what the Arabs refer to as the “Nakba” or “Tragedy“ -- the date of the establishment of the State of Israel.

Although some of the pages promoting this campaign have warned its readers to maintain a peaceful demeanor, others do not bother with such niceties.

At least one is a complete re-creation of the original Third Palestinian Intifada page that was removed.

Third Palestinian Uprising – Persian Gulf
Within 24 hours, organizers created the same page under a new name: Third Palestinian uprising – the Persian Gulf answer join our mosque.

The page, written entirely in Arabic and listed under the Political Party category, was created at approximately 11:00 a.m. Jerusalem time. 

“This page has been created after the Facebook page was closed after the uprising, the number of logged-in page to 350,000, at the request of Israel. Accordingly we set up a number of pages to spread news of the uprising. All pages have been created to spread news of the uprising in case the main page is closed once again...”

Under “Likes and Interests” on the page, organizers wrote, “One billion Muslims for the destruction of Israel. Billion Muslim to Exterminate Israel, a campaign one million pro-Aqsa Mosque, a campaign to write the date of the third Palestinian Intifada on the Egyptian currency... the historic march toward Palestine, 15.05.2011 – I am the first volunteer in the United Arab army in the event of a declaration of war on Israel and 5 more...”

Posted on the page are various messages, including the notice by the “Million campaign to advocate for the al Aqsa Mosque,” which tells readers, “Save al-Aqsa mosque from injustice, and aggression is our goal.”

Arab Revolt for Liberation of Palestine
Another notice was posted by the Arab Revolt for the Liberation of Palestine (listed under “Cause”).

It announced its “primary goal is to liberate our land, Arab Filistine (Palestine -ed.) and the defeat of the occupation in every inch of the land of Palestine, pure and simple. We call upon the Arab masses...

“This day will be a dawn of freedom for the liberated Arab peoples. Free Palestine and we will be released...” This page alone has garnered 27,379 “Likes.”

A number of other pages, all posted in Arabic, have also been created on the popular social networking site.

Two pages, Maseera 2011 and Palatora, are non-violent but nevertheless threatening to the Jewish State, supporting the call for a mass invasion by millions of Arabs. By noon Wednesday, Maseera 2011 had garnered 7,209 “Likes.”

Maseera 2011
Written in Arabic, a statement on the page announced, “Our goal is to carry out the march of the Right of Return in both word and deed to Palestine on May 15 2011 from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, in order to penetrate the borders of Palestine and return to the homeland and validate the right of return in word and deed,” proclaims a statement on the page.

“This step is the first towards achievement of Resolution 194, to be followed by other steps such as recognition of the rights of returnees and compensation...

“If you are a refugee who wants to return, or you support the right of refugees to return, we hope that you publish this page everywhere on the Internet, in Facebook, Twitter, forums, email groups and all possible locations,” organizers wrote. “Copy our link and put it in your profile and publish it on all the pictures and videos and pages and everywhere... 63 years; it is time to return.”

Revolution for Palestinian Refugees - Palatora
The Revolution for Palestinian Refugees page – Palatora – is categorized under Media/News/Publishing and by Wednesday late morning had collected 5,805 “Likes.”

Organizers describe themselves as “sons of exiles” and vow to carry out a “March of Return” on May 15 to “restore our right to our land... we will not be denied and will not go back to where we were at all costs of blood or money, nor with a white flag. We will be flying the flag of Palestine... and we will stand with our heads held high.”

Also written completely in Arabic, one posting on this page vows enthusiastically, “We will enter Palestine in the millions!”

Another reminds readers, “March 30... Earth Day – Palestinians strong in our land and win!”

March to Palestine
The March to Palestine page, listed under the category of Political Party, proclaims the slogan, “May 15 is the date to march around historic Palestine.” As of Wednesday morning, 8,080 people had expressed their support for the page.

“Ready and on standby for the Liberation of Jerusalem,” wrote Mahmoued Abd Elwahed.

“O Jerusalem, coming, coming,” wrote Ala'a Yousef.

“Allah will chastise them at your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them...” promised Ghassan M. Ka'awach, who posted in response to a photo of a PA Arab woman hurling a rock, presumably at a Jew. 

One of the posts on this page is a link  to a page that is aimed at Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is Jewish.

Hatred Hurled at Zuckerberg
A new page was started as soon as Facebook removed the Third Palestinian Intifada to express the disappointment and in many cases, hatred of Facebook's Arab readers at being stymied. The page, Mark Zuckerberg is the next dictator to Go, proclaims as its slogan, “Reopen the Third Palestinian Intifada Page now!”

On that page, more than a few readers have issued ultimatums and warnings of their own.

“Do not be like the Israelis criminals,” wrote Mustafa Hashem Safi. “The state of Israel was built on the blood and the skulls of the innocent Palestinian people since 1948 .. Israelis stole our land and killed out sons and drove us out of our country under duress, a fact that Israel .. And you know that your money and billions of dollars owned are not worth a drop of blood for our son Palestinian.”

“Message to staff in the Department of facebook: You have 48 hours to return the official page Third of the Palestinian uprising, or boycott the province on facebook will be Thursday, 31/03/2011” wrote one.

“ are a moron serving the Zionists...”

“Dear Mark... you can remove the page but the third intifada has already begun. Its the awakening of the global consciousness to the crimes of the zionist entity... its BDS.. You caved in to the ADL....your a puppet...”

Taunted another, “Why did you remove the page? ARE YOU AFRAID? :)”

Marching Through the Desert 'A Thirsty Trek'
Any march from surrounding Arab countries is likely to entail a thirsty trek through kilometers of desert wasteland, one Israeli tour guide told Israel National News in an exclusive interview Wednesday afternoon, requesting anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue.

Such a march could easily take days, if not weeks of walking in the blistering Negev sun, with complex logistics for organizing an ongoing supply of fresh water and food.

Although the Negev Bedouin are experienced and adept at living under such conditions, the region's Palestinian Authority Arabs and their foreign-born descendants are unlikely to have similar expertise, he said.