Medvedev and Netanyahu, 24.3.11
Medvedev and Netanyahu, 24.3.11Russian Presidential and Press Information Of

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow Thursday.  

Before their meeting, the two spoke in the presence of the press. 
"It is true that we have experienced earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand, and in the Middle East and in North Africa," Netanyahu said. "There have been floods, sandstorms, a tsunami and fires.  We had a massive fire and I called to thank you.  You sent pilots immediately.  They showed exemplary courage and professionalism.  They made a great impression on us and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Russian Government again for the rapid assistance that you extended to us in our hour of need."
"Now, other fires must be put out," Netanyahu continued. "None of us know how the shock, which has struck the entire Arab world and a considerable portion of the Islamic world, will end. I think that we have a common desire that there should be stable, progressive and modern governments that aspire toward peace."
"Israel, Russia and the entire modern world must prevent the establishment here of radical - perhaps radical Islamic - regimes that could threaten the peace of the region, of Israel and of Russia. One such regime aspires to this result and that is the radical regime in Iran, which is not only seeking to arm itself with nuclear weapons but is threatening to use them against us, and is threatening to wreck not only any peace agreement but any modern regime that arises.  It wants to return us to the ninth century.  We have an interest in stopping the bad and advancing the good.  I would be pleased to discuss with you how to advance peace and security in our region.  I am anxious to discuss this with you."
Medvedev began by expressing condolences in connection with the terrorist attack that took place Wednesday in Jerusalem. 
"We have firsthand knowledge of the dangers posed by terrorism," he said. "Unfortunately, Russia, too, has been hit by terrorist attacks this year. That makes our meeting today especially valuable because the main thing is that we must not let the terrorists believe that they are close to achieving their atrocious goals."
"We have a great deal to discuss. It has been a long time since our last meeting and great many events have taken place since then, especially in the Middle East and North Africa. The changes taking place there are truly tectonic and cannot but affect the overall situation, which we should discuss as partners."