Yeshiva Soldiers Dance Before Enlistment
Yeshiva Soldiers Dance Before Enlistment M. Kempinski

Dozens of yeshiva students from Hesder yeshivot around the country, in which army service is combined with Torah study, enlisted in the IDF yesterday. They danced and sang at the opportunity to serve the country.

Ohad Buchris, of the Sderot Yeshivat Hesder, said, “In our family history, our grandfather never got the chance to enlist [in a Jewish army]. They had to run away because of the Holocaust, and my grandmother had to run away from Tunis, they had to hide in caves. But I, thank G-d, have the privilege of enlisting."

His father Meir said, "On Purim we read from the Torah that we must 'erase the memory of Amalek. We hope that our soldiers will do this, with G-d’s help.” 

“This is my youngest son, so the excitement is great, even more than with the others,” said Meir. Another father, Chaim Ettinger said, “It's exciting. I see this as some kind of closure since I was also in the Armored Corps, though I dealt with different tanks..."

The army had intended to conduct this quarter's enlistment on Purim itself, but pressure by the IDF Rabbinate brought about the one-day delay. Other soldiers are being enlisted today, and still more next week.