Yoram Shefter
Yoram ShefterArutz 7

Attorney Yoram Sheftel, referring furiously to the murder of five members of the Fogel family in Itamar, "Our country's history is full of horrific incidents and has had many murders. But in recent years we had no such horror. We have been shown, again, the true nature of our enemy."

Sheftel blames leftist leaders, laying culpability for the murder of settler pioneers squarely at their feet, saying, "Who allowed the blood of the Fogel family [to be spilled]? It is none other than our brothers - Red Sons of Cain! Who allowed the blood of the Fogel family [to be spilled]? Leftists creeps, Haaretz - the leaders of Meretz who criticize Israel every two weeks that arch-serial killer Barghouti sits in jail."

"Amos Oz has called the Gush Emunim a messianic cult, cold and cruel, has said that it is a bunch of gangsters carrying out progroms. This Jew, a respected writer, is culpable for the blood of a large Jewish community. Apparently some of our enemies read his stuff. Amos Oz wants the release of the showman Jew killer Barghouti. Amos Oz argues its permitted to murder settlers, that one may kill them because 'they are bloodthirsty people.'"

Shefter noted Professor Zeev Sternhal often said the settlers should be dealt with using tanks, "Professor Sternhal has written that you can not stop fascists with rational arguments, but only force. He said, if necessary, we will have to deal with Ofra and Elon Moreh, and to use tanks to perform the task. This is clear to the Jews, and indeed to those who heeded Sternhal's call and murdered Jews living across the Green Line."

Shefter said Israel must deal with these 'creeps,' citing as an example, "Gen. Shlomo Gazit (Ret.), said kippot are like a swastikas on Nazi soldiers. Katzmann, a cultural commentator, wrote there are some settlements that must be evacuated by killing them all. Katzman probably meant the swaddled three month old baby who was killed. For the left it is not considered killing - only eliminating weeds."