Purim costumes
Purim costumesIsrael news photo: file

Magen David Adom (MDA) has issued a warning regarding Purim costumes, reminding parents in particular to avoid flammable costumes and materials. Flammable materials include cotton wool and natural feathers.

Costumes that have been approved by government experts bear an official safety seal (“Tav teken”) with the number 562.

Any use of firecrackers should be carefully supervised, and firecrackers should not be brought near the face or eyes. They should be kept far from the ears as well, as firecracker blasts near the ears can cause permanent hearing damage.

In case of burns, bystanders should first put out the fire completely. They should avoid covering the victim's face or head, removing burnt clothing, or rubbing fatty substances on the burns; instead, burns should be cooled using water.

If smoke enters a person's eyes, the eye should be washed out quickly with water, and the victim brought to the nearest medical center.

In central Israel, the Ministry of Trade and Labor is on a mission to get dangerous toys off the market. Prohibited toys will be seized from warehouses and stores, officials said. Any person caught selling illegal, dangerous toys will face legal action.

Illegal toys include: firecrackers with explosive material, cans of spray foam that do not meet safety standards, and toy guns that look real.

The ministry campaign also includes advertising to warn the public of the danger posed by unsafe toys.