MK Silvan Shalom at Jerusalem Conference
MK Silvan Shalom at Jerusalem Conference Nissim Lev

Deputy Prime Minister and Regional Development Minister, Silvan Shalom, took part in the 8th Jerusalem Conference on Wednesday, where he said that the terrorists who carried out last Friday night’s massacre of the Fogel family in Itamar should be executed.

“We need to make the decision to impose a death penalty on those murderers,” Shalom told Israel National News TV. Referring to the murders as “brutal” and “unacceptable”, he added: “I think that all of us believe that those murderers should be executed.”

He noted, however, that “it doesn’t mean that we should impose a death penalty in every case, but I think this case is so extreme, so brutal, so inhuman, that those murderers should be executed.”

Of the Palestinian Authority’s condemnation of the murders, Shalom said that the statements made by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas “were not as strong as they should have been. The incitement is very prevalent in their media and in their educational system and so long as they are not teaching their own children to move toward reconciliation, I think that talks about moving forward with the peace process look like a joke.”

Shalom also addressed the capture of the Victoria ship, which carried weapons destined for Hamas, by Israel’s navy on Tuesday. “The interception of the ship shows us that protecting the sea is very important to the safety and security of Israel,” he said. “Those who ask us to lift the closure from Gaza are now more aware of the difficulties we are facing and of the dangers that it might bring to the safety and security of the State of Israel.”

He called on the West to join in the fight against Iran, whose attempts to give weapons to Hamas and Hizbullah will ultimately affect everyone.

“Iran is trying to undermine the moderate Arab regimes,” said Shalom. “They are trying to bring their collaborators to power. We should fight them back, or they will take control of the entire Middle East and will take control of the oil field reserves, which will make them a very strong superpower and will enable them to develop their nuclear program and to become a nuclear superpower.”

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