Ayoub Kara
Ayoub Kara Israel news photo: Flash 90


Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara announced at the Likud faction meeting Monday that he would introduce a bill for instituting the death penalty in cases of first-degree murder of children. He asked his fellow Likud MKs to join him in the initiative, which follows the horrific slaying of the Fogel family in Itamar.
"In 1960, after the terrible Holocaust in Europe," he said, "the State of Israel ratified the 'Law for Bringing to Nazis and their Aides to Justice' that said that anyone who was an accomplice in crimes against the Jewish people would be put to death. Now, 62 years after the resurgence of Israel, we encounter - time and time again - monsters with a human form, who, like those evil persecutors, slaughter infants in their sleep mercilessly."
"This barbarism must be stopped at any price. Any creature who walks on two legs must know that when he sets out to carry out this criminal deed, he is sentencing himself immediately to death."
"I will act to update the law from 1960," Kara stated, "so that it also includes the modern  barbarians - those who say that they would annihilate us all with gas if they only could, and prove this to us when they slit the throats of children and babies in their sleep."
Israeli law allows a court to mete out the death penalty in cases of treason carried out during wartime. The Knesset abolished the death penalty for murder in 1954, citing among other reasons Jewish tradition, general human morality and the death penalty's perceived lack of deterrent value.  
Almagor, the terror victims' organization, also issued a call Monday for instituting the death penalty against terrorist murderers. Menachem Ben, a columnist for Ma'ariv, called the murderers "Palestinazis" and Gil'ad Sharon penned a particularly scathing column on the "Palestinians."