Israel’s Cabinet approved on Sunday the appointment of Ron Prosor as Israel's ambassador to the UN. The approval of Prosor’s appointment came after the Foreign Ministry’s appointments committee also approved it on February 24.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said after the approval that “Prosor was an excellent ambassador to Britain and choosing him as ambassador to the UN is a very important choice at this time.”

Prosor was a popular ambassador in Britain and frequently wrote in British newspapers, often vocally attacking efforts to de-legitimize Israel. He previously served as Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before becoming ambassador in 2007. Fluent in English and German, he has frequently appeared on BBC and Sky News.

During a recent speech at the Herzliya Conference, Prosor addressed the attempts to de-legitimize Israel and said that de-legitimizers should be “named and shamed.”

Prosor’s appointment became possible after Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan declined the post, saying his commitment to the environment prevailed.

Meanwhile, Prosor’s previous post as ambassador to Britain remains vacant. Former National Security Advisor Uzi Arad was named by Netanyahu as Prosor’s replacement, but Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman vetoed the decision, saying that Netanyahu could not make such decisions on his own. “With all due respect, all such decisions will be made by the foreign minister,” said Lieberman, adding that he would not appoint Arad as “there are enough experienced diplomats in Israel.”

Arad subsequently stepped down from his position and announced that he would be returning to academic life.

During Sunday’s cabinet meeting, the ministers also approved the appointments of Alon Ushpiz as the Israeli ambassador to India, Dan Ashbel as the ambassador to Finland and Haim Shaham as Consul-General in Miami.