It is hard to believe, but less than four months before Qaddafi’s forces massacred protesters, the United Nations Human Rights Council members praised him for promoting human rights.

A video of the discussion, provided by Eye on the UN, documents the discussion.

“Syria: The Libyan Arab Jamahiriya has a unique experience in democracy that has allowed for growth and development in promotion of human rights.

“Palestinian Authority observer: We highly commend the national report. This proves the Jamahiriya’s keen interest in improving and promoting human rights.

“Saudi Arabia: The interest shown by the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya...shows very clearly the important it attaches to human rights.”

The Human Rights Council admitted Libya as a member last May, and on November 9, its members discussed a Universal Periodic Review that is to be adopted March 18.

The Palestinian Authority and several countries, including Saudi Arabia and Syria – leaders on the American list of human rights violators – lauded the Libyan dictator for “democracy” and protection of human rights.

The Council's previous censures of countries have focused solely on Israel.