The latest Latma satirical video gets serious as it attacks the Obama Administration for its “clueless” abandonment of allies.

The video musical depicting an in-the-clouds advisor to Obama pining for "a clue" appears as part of a satirical newscast, which reports that the police recommend that Ariel Sharon’s son Gilad be charged with mediating in the Sharon-Kern bribery case. “With this, the legal cloud blocking his joining the Kadima party has been removed,” the announcer reported.

Asked about the U.S. indifference to the events in Egypt, the weed-smoking Obama advisor says, “Of course we’re indifferent! The people there just want freedom! Freedom, man! Want a drag?”

Asked if he is not afraid that radical Muslim extremists will take over the country, the "advisor” says, “Don’t worry, he’s just the President; the Congress is still American.” The interviewer says, “I am referring to Egypt."

The advisor, John Zelokoreli [Hebrew for ‘It’s not happening to me’], says, “We’ve analyzed the situation in detail and have come to an important conclusion: Egypt is far away from us.” Asked what in the end he and the Obama Administration will do, Zelokoreli says, in Tevye-style from Fiddler on the Roof, “I don’t have a clue!”

This is the cue for a song in the style of “If I Were a Rich Man,” with amusing but sometimes serious content implying that if Obama were not clueless, he’d succeed in retaining his friends' trust, intimidating dangerous dictators, and realizing that Jihad does not mean, “Hey, let’s live in peace!”