Obama: Betrayed American interests?
Obama: Betrayed American interests?Israel news photo: White House

Possibly in the vain hope that the Arab mobs will begin to like America, U.S. President Obama has, in a historic move, “humiliated and betrayed his best ally in the Arab world.” So says Middle East analyst Dr. Guy Bechor of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

Just Like America Did to Iran
Speaking with Arutz-7 on Wednesday, Bechor said, “What America did to Mubarak is akin to what Jimmy Carter did to the Shah of Iran in 1979. In both cases, America dropped its close ally like a hot potato, making way for an Islamic regime to take its place. Obama is actually working alongside Iran in this case, as they both want Mubarak to fall…”


Abbas Left Without Support
“By dropping Mubarak,” Bechor continued, “Obama has also ended the PA-Israel process, because [PA chief Mahmoud] Abbas is very weak, and his only support in the Arab world came from Mubarak – and now he’s gone.”

Video: President Obama relates to events in Egypt:

“Mubarak is not planning to abdicate so quickly,” Bechor said, "despite the ultimatum. He is supported by the army and many others in the establishment who have everything to lose if Mubarak goes down. On the other hand, I saw his speech after Obama’s humiliation of him – sending him an emissary and making it absolutely clear that he must step down – and he looked like he was broken.”

Suicidal Move
In response to the obvious question of why Obama is doing this, Bechor said, “I really can’t explain it. It is suicidal. America is toppling its main allies in the region, after it did the same with Iraq and Iran, and this will have grave ramifications for its few remaining allies – Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Morocco. Algeria is also endangered, as is Syria – to which the U.S. has come close of late, and with which the Muslim Brotherhood has a long reckoning.”

Dim Future Foreseen
Bechor does not see a bright future for the region: “What I think will happen in the end is that the Muslim Brotherhood - which I believe has the support of more than half the country, and is viewed as the only realistic alternative – will take control of the country, including its wealth of modern American weapons. Keep in mind that Egypt has tried everything – a republic, a monarchy, Communism, leadership of the Arab world, fighting against the Arab world – everything except for an Islamic government. So I think that there will now be many months of anarchy, terrorist attacks and economic problems, at the end of which the Muslim Brotherhood will come to power and ally itself with Hamas – for they are both the same.”