MK Michaeli holds picture of Zouabi (file)
MK Michaeli holds picture of Zouabi (file)Israel news photo: Flash 90


MK Anastasia Michaeli (Israel is Our Home) launched a verbal "commando raid" Wednesday against MK Hanin Zouabi (Balad) in a Knesset debate on the Turkel Committee's findings regarding the Gaza flotilla incident. Speaking from the podium, she branded Zouabi a "traitor" for taking part in the pro-terror provocation that involved a premeditated savage assault on IDF soldiers.
MK Michaeli was pleased with the committee's findings, which determined that IDF soldiers acted properly, but said that the involvement of Israeli citizens in the "flotilla of evil" should also have been investigated. 
"When Israeli citizens are prominent among our enemies - that is the central thing that needs to be investigated," Michaeli elaborated. "The Balad party - whose operation and existence is a legal wonder - has already brought upon us Azmi Bishara, a person who escaped to an enemy country so as not to be put on trial, but his subversive and anti-Israeli spirit is still here."
The former TV anchorwoman then focused her attention on MK Zouabi, who was not in the plenum, and revealed that she had asked the Attorney General on Tuesday to launch an investigation against her:
"I want to tell her - although she is not here, because she is afraid to look the truth and me in the eyes - you are a representative of the Balad party. I do not expect you to speak for Israel is Our Home. We do not expect you to be a Zionist and a lover of Israel and to [change your name to] Chana Zehavi. We expect you to show responsibility toward the society you live in and to abide by the rules of the House you are a member of. You cannot bite the hand that feeds you."
"We cannot stand the presence of people like you. You are not a freedom fighter, you are a traitor. You do not belong in the Knesset but in jail, like Azmi Bishara before you."
Knesset members from most Zionist factions filed complaints against Zouabi to the Knesset Ethics Committee shortly after the May 31 raid on the Gaza flotilla. However, the committee's chairwoman, MK Shelly Yechimovich, has refused to hold a debate on the subject.