Wastewater treatment lagoon designed by Mapal
Wastewater treatment lagoon designed by MapalIsrael news photo: courtesy of Mapal Green En

Dozens of foreign reporters plan to visit Israel in May in order to take part in a tour of water and energy technologies. The tour is supported by NEWTech, a Ministry of Trade and Labor program to promote Israel's water technology sector that aims to double exports and boost international investment.

May's tour is part of the preparation for WATEC, a major international conference on water technologies, cleantech and renewable energy technologies that will take place in November 2011 in Tel Aviv.

Similar tours for reporters prior to previous conferences created significantly more exposure for new technologies, and ultimately brought new tourists and an increase in exports. The high interest in the latest tour bodes well for water technologies, organizers said.

The tour will also introduce reporters to the latest Israeli technologies in the field of environmental protection.

Israeli and foreign companies plan to take part in the WATEC conference. Participating companies will reveal the latest developments in creating water sources, water purification, waste water treatment, dealing with pollutants, and more. Speakers will discuss how to take groundbreaking technologies and turn them into successful business initiatives.

A similar conference held in 2009 drew more than 20,000 visitors from 94 countries.