Abbas holding model of area he wants for Pal.
Abbas holding model of area he wants for Pal. Israel news photo:

Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas told Arab television network Al-Jazeera Saturday that he had reached agreements with Ehud Olmert - when Olmert was prime minister - that Jerusalem would not be divided. The two leaders agreed, he said, that Jerusalem would remain open to all religions and would have two municipalities operating side by side, one Jewish and one Arab.

Abbas used the Al Jazeera interview to call upon Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to agree to make these understandings the basis for renewing negotiations between the PA and Israel.
Abbas also said that the understanding reached with U.S. President George W. Bush was that Israel would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of an independent "Palestinian" state that would be established along the 1949 Israel-Jordan border.
He accused Israel of torpedoing the understandings.
“At this stage there is no option to declare a Palestinian state without Israel's collaboration," Abbas said in the interview. “A Palestinian state will be established only with agreement from Israel.” 

The so-called "1967 borders" are the borders established by a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Jordan in 1949, after the failed attempt by numerous Arab armies to annihilate the Jewish people in the Land of Israel, three years after the Holocaust. A second genocidal plot against Israel in 1967, and another Israeli victory, brought about the liberation of Israel's timeless capital, Jerusalem, and the Biblical national heartland of Judea and Samaria.

It is not known what caused Abbas to make an apparent about-face in his normally intransigent rhetoric and choose a conciliatory tone. One cause might be a perception that there is less support from the United States administration for a confrontation with Israel, and that Binyamin Netanyahu's government is more stable than Abbas had hoped.

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