"'Human Rights' organizations are searching for subversives and defamers of soldiers," a new provocative po

ster by grassroots Zionist group Im Tirtzu proclaims.

"A global delegitimization campaign requires Israeli employees," says the poster (at right), which graphically emulates the type of work-wanted ad that is commonly found on tree trunks in Israeli cities. "Preference will be given to conscientious objectors, draft-dodgers and "luminaries" who specialize in hypocrisy, superciliousness and libel."

The basic salary on offer is no less than $9,000 per month. "The job includes: promotion of an international boycott of Israel, persecution of IDF officers and the passing of false information to international committees."

"For details contact our office in Ramallah or the Al-Aqsa Fund. Dial *SUBVERSION and secure European citizenship and a company car."

The tongue-in-cheek "job offer" is a reference to the all-too-serious allegations against Israeli leftist groups like B'Tselem and many others, which Im Tirtzu alleges receive money from European countries through a Ramallah-based fund with clear terror connections. The money funneled through the fund has strings attached, Im Tirtzu says, and Israeli-based groups that take the money are obliged to use it to fight Israel.