IDF Radio reporter (file)
IDF Radio reporter (file)Israel news photo: Flash 90

A new Palestinian Authority "National Orchestra" performed in Haifa last week and had IDF soldiers kicked out of the hall because they wore uniforms.

The 40-musician orchestra has held a premier series of performances in recent weeks. Their first-ever (and possibly last-ever?) performance in Haifa was held at the Krieger Center for Performing Arts, which is run by the Haifa municipality.
A team from IDF Radio was on hand to record the event and interview the musicians. However, the musicians refused to answer the IDF Radio reporter's questions because the interviewer was wearing a uniform. The organizers then informed the IDF Radio team that they would not be allowed to sit in the hall during the concert, again because of the uniforms they were wearing. The reporters were told to leave, and did so.
The Haifa Municipality's spokesman, Tzachi Terano, said the orchestra had behaved in an "unbecoming" manner. "We strongly denounce any boycott based on nationality, descent, clothing or anything else. This is out of place, especially in Haifa, and people who rule out others in this way will wind up bringing the same thing upon themselves. From now on, the Haifa Municipality will       think very hard about any future requests by the boycotters to perform in the city."
IDF Radio ("Galei Tzahal") employs soldiers as well as civilians, and broadcasts music, news and commentary to the general public. It is considered very leftist, and some nationalists have said it should be shut down, or limited to broadcasts specifically meant for soldiers.