Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Israel news photo: S. Cohen

In an apparent attempt to shake the public into greater preparedness, the Commander of the Home Front's Dan District made a dire prediction Wednesday regarding the next war between Israel and its enemies. Speaking on IDF Radio, Col. Dan Zusman, who is in charge of about 1.5 million citizens on the Tel Aviv area, said that "the missiles and rockets from all fronts will reach Tel Aviv in the next round."

"We are talking about dozens of missiles of different kinds that will hit Tel Aviv, and therefore the estimate is that there will be hundreds of dead, destruction of buildings and destruction of infrastructure," he added.  
When he was asked how he expected society to function during the war, Col. Zusman said: "I am less interested in whether theaters will put on plays, and more in whether our banks and economy will cease functioning. An alternative needs to be found as quickly as possible."
Zusman said his intention "is not to scare the citizens, but to understand that the threat is here and that it is real." He added: "It is important to us that citizens go and collect the protective kits [gas masks - ed.] and prepare the secure spaces [relatively sheltered rooms - ed.] and that the other public and private bodies do what is needed."
"There is no doubt that the first missile to hit Tel Aviv will startle the people who are used to sitting in cafes, but with our directions and the good discipline that the citizens have, the estimate is that the initial shock will pass."
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