Evacuee Community of Nitzan
Evacuee Community of Nitzan Israel NN (photo file)

Officials promised a “turning point” for Gush Katif evacuees at a meeting of the Tnufa Administration, the body charged with resettling thousands of Jews who were expelled from Gaza. Prime Minister's Office Eyal Gabbai said the government was making an effort “so that this will be the last winter in caravans.”

Tnufa head Bentzi Lieberman was more cautious, but predicted that at least one third of expellees would be in permanent homes by the end of the year. “We estimate that most families are currently building their permanent homes,” he said.

Addressing the expellees, he said, “You, with your great strength, are rising from the ashes.” He thanked Gush Katif community leaders for their cooperation.

Deputy-General of Tnufa Adiel Shomron expressed hope as well, but noted, “It is very easy to ruin things; it is very hard to build.”

Ninety-two families expelled from Gush Katif in 2005 entered permanent homes in 2010. More than 100 plots of land in the Lachish region were distributed to expellee families.