Terrorists fired a short range 'Kassam'-type rocket at Israel Tuesday morning. The rocket exploded in Hof Ashkelon county, north of Gaza. No one was hurt and no damage was reported.
Gaza terrorists fired four rockets at Israel Monday, causing no casualties or damage. 
London-based pan-Arab newspaper A-Sharq Al-Awsat reported that Hamas is having difficulty persuading other groups in Gaza to stop firing rockets at Israel and that its terrorist militia has deployed along the border with Israel to try and increase its degree of control there.
"Palestinian" Arab sources told the newspaper that Hamas officials met with representatives of other organizations, but that these groups refused to commit to a "calm" vis-a-vis Israel or to refrain from responding to Israeli actions. They reportedly did agree not to initiate an escalation.
Reports from Gaza are tightly controlled by Hamas and should be seen as part of the group's sophisticated psychological warfare against Israel. 
Hamas also reported that Israel rearrested a PA Member of Parliament for Hamas, Omar Abdel Razek. He was reportedly arrested at his home in Samaria. Abdel Razek was arrested in 2006, then released, then rearrested (all in the same year), then released again in 2008.