Danny Danon
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MK Danny Danon told Arutz Sheva that he will be the Knesset member heading the committee of inquiry into ultra-leftist groups' sources of funding that the Israeli parliament voted to establish.
Danon said that he "recommends to [Peace Now Director] Yariv Oppenheimer and the other directors of the NGOs that are a fifth column within Israel to start sprucing up their CVs, because soon they will be unemployed."
Among the organizations and persons Danon intends to invite to the committee, he lists:
  • B'tselem - director, Jessica Montel
  • The Center for Defense of the Individual - director, Dalia Kirstein
  • Yesh Din - director, Roi Maor
  • Ir Amim - director, Yehudit Oppenheimer
  • The Public Committee against Torture in Israel - director, Yishai Blanc
  • Adallah - director, Mahmoud Yazbek
  • Peace Now - director, Yariv Oppenheimer
  • Gisha - director, Kenneth Mann
  • Association for Civil Rights ion Israel - President, Sami Michael
  • Mousawa -  Anwar Jamal, Tariq Bashir, Jafer Farah
  • as well as: Breaking the Silence, Machsom Watch, The Israeli Committee against Home Demolitions and the Center for Alternative Information.
Danon said that "it is time to find our the sources of the monies for these groups that act without letup against the state of Israel." He added: "We will try to find out who are the ones who arrange the riots at the Bil'in checkpoint, who funded the legal motions in the matter of Highway 443. We will reveal the bodies that roam the Galilee and purchase private lands with Saudi money. The leftists seem afraid and they must have a reason for fearing this committee."
The committee does not have powers of subpoena and is no different from other Knesset committees as far as its powers. Danon is optimistic, however: "I hope we can stop these groups, which received 40 million shekels from the European Union in the last five years alone... We will try to discover the truth and in the end we will recommend changes in legislation as well."