Yemin Orde
Yemin Orde Yoni Kempinski

Rehabilitation efforts continue in the Carmel region, more than thirty days after the devastating wildfire. Earlier this week, IsraelNationalNews TV's Yoni Kempinski visited the Yemin Orde youth village which was badly damaged during the fire to see first hand how rehabilitation efforts are progressing there.

Yemin Orde Director Dr. Benny Fisher said that compared to one month ago, the situation in Yemin Orde today is much better.

“They often say that time heals all wounds, so our situation is much better, not just because we have begun to digest what happened and we’re dealing with it, but also because we have begun the process of building temporary homes,” said Fisher.

He thanked the Ministry of Education and the Finance Ministry who have very much helped the rehabilitation process. He expressed his hopes that in one month those families whose homes were burnt will be able to return to live in the village. Looking further ahead, Fisher said: “I believe that within two years Yemin Orde will look much better and will once again be the jewel of the Carmel.”

Fisher explained that despite the terrible situation of having the village burn down almost completely, he and his staff have tried to remain positive and optimistic. “We took advantage of the situation and spoke about choosing the positive and seeing the good things such as the solidarity by the community,” he said. “We’ve engaged with this a lot over the past month.”

He concluded by thanking all those who have joined the rehabilitation efforts and have assisted Yemin Orde in the long process of returning to its former self. “This is an opportunity to thank the people of Israel for getting together to help us and for continuing to show interest and continuing to assist us. Thank G-d, we are advancing and of course any assistance, especially in the area of developing the buildings will be appreciated. That’s what we’re busy with now but this is an opportunity to say thank you to everyone who kept us in their hearts and all those who helped out. Thank you very much.”