Man tries on gas mask
Man tries on gas mask Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Defense Ministry, working with the Shalon company, has developed a new gas mask filter that allows wearers to breath easier. Dozens of the filters have been produced in recent weeks in a test run.

If the filters can be produced at a cost equal to that of production of the current filters, they may be put into use in gas masks across the country. However, budget constraints could keep old filters in use if the new filters are found to be more expensive.

Lieutenant-Colonel Lior Gabai heads the Home Front Command's project to update its equipment for protection in case of non-conventional attack. He praised the new filter, saying it “can barely be felt.”

“With this filter there is no breathing difficulty, as opposed to the current filter, which stalls the flow of air and makes it harder,” he added.

While the new filter is better than the old, the IDF's first priority is to get gas masks to all citizens, officials said. “At the moment, there is not enough of a budget to supply masks for all citizens of the country,” they said.

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