Rock attack in Shiloach (archive)
Rock attack in Shiloach (archive) Flash 90

The IDF said on Thursday that it has ordered an Arab resident of east Jerusalem to stay out of the city for four months for inciting protests against Jewish residents.

The man is 34-year-old Adnan Jith, a resident of the Shiloach (Silwan) neighborhood near the Kotel. Jith, who is a leader in Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement, said he will appeal the order. The IDF said it had received "security and intelligence information linking Jith with activity which is liable to cause a breach of public order within the city of Jerusalem."

Arab residents of Shiloach have gone on many rampages in the last few months. In June, at least two hundred Arabs hurled fire bombs, fireworks and rocks at security guards stationed at Beit HaDvash in the neighborhood, and at dozens of policemen and Border Police who came to restore order.

An Arab mob in Shiloach also attacked a car driven by a Jewish man accompanied by his three children. The man managed to drive away but the vehicle was damaged.

In another incident in late August, which was described as “a near-pogrom,” dozens of Arabs went on a rampage for over 90 minutes, blocking roads and setting Jews’ cars on fire. The rioters also pelted a Border Police truck with fire bombs and rocks.

David Be’eri, who drove into an ambush of Arab youths throwing stones at passing Israeli cars in the neighborhood, swerved to the side and hit an Arab youth who ran in front of his car while pelting him with stones. These are just several of many incidents which have taken place in the neighborhood over the last several months.

The banishment order against Jith is based on a rarely used emergency statute from 1945 during the British Mandate. It was often used against Jewish groups who were battling the British. Attorney Daniel Seidemann, an expert on Jerusalem, said in a conversation with The Associated Press: “Since the early 1970s, to the best of my knowledge, this has not been used. So this is a serious regression. Beyond that, this sends a very serious detrimental message to the Palestinians of east Jerusalem: Behave well or you're out of here.”

Jith himself told The Associated Press on Thursday that he has been in and out of Israeli jails over the past two decades for demonstrating against what was termed “the occupation of Palestinian territory.” He said that Israel is trying to punish him for those protests.

He added that he has no intention of complying with the order, and said: “There is only one way they can carry out their decision: to deport me by force.”

Jith claims that Israel is “trying to make look it like I am the one threatening the security, as if saying no to oppression and to house demolitions is an assault. Whatever they do to stop me, I will keep talking.”

Meanwhile, PA President Abbas appealed to the United States to halt the eviction. PA spokesman Nabil Abu Rdeneh told AP: “It's illegal and unacceptable, and it will negatively affect the American efforts to revive the peace process.”