Soldiers search for Arab attackers
Soldiers search for Arab attackersIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Police early Sunday morning found the body of Christine Logan, who held an American passport, 16 hours after two Arabs stabbed her and wounded a friend. Police have clamped a gag order on the murder, which authorities now believe was a terrorist attack. Earlier, they were equally suspicious that the attack was criminal, although they still have not ruled the possibility.

Logan and British immigrant Kaye Susan Wilson, a tour guide, hiked in a dry river bed near Beit Shemesh, west of Jerusalem, after Wilson had completed a tour with a group. Although Wilson's and Logan's names do not sound Jewish, their religion is not known. Wilson rents a home at the religious-secular Givat Ze'ev community, located west of Jerusalem on Highway 443. Logan's residence is not known at this time.

Wilson may have saved her own life by pretending she was dead until the attackers left the scene after stabbing her in her back and stomach. She told police that two Arabs had bound her hands and that after they left, she reached a nearby parking lot, where passersby called for an ambulance and police. 

Wilson was rushed to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem, where she was treated for serious wounds and is in the ICU, but.her life is not in danger. 

A paramedic (pictured) rescued the dog of one the two victims of the Arab attack.

In a separate incident, police arrested an Arab who recently was freed from prison and tried to stab a woman near the entrance to Hadassah Mount Scopus hospital. Authorities said the man pulled out a knife and chased his intended victim, who ran towards security guards at the hospital entrance while police were alerted and arrived at the scene to arrest him.

The terrorist said he was trying to erase suspicions raised by friends who suspected he cooperates with Israel to help fight terror.

Elsewhere, the IDF denied any knowledge of the drowning of a Gaza fisherman whom Hamas authorities said was fired on by the Israeli navy.

Foreign news services routinely report Arab claims of Israeli incursions that the IDF says never happened. The French news service AFP quoted a Gaza hospital spokesman that the navy opened fire on fishing boats, one of which supposedly overturned, resulting in the drowning of an Arab teenager.

Military spokesmen previously have told Israel National News that many reported incidents are fabricated, and they said they knew nothing about navy firing on Arab fishermen on Saturday.