Bodrum, Turkey
Bodrum, Turkey Israel news photo: Flash 90

New Turkish land laws could bring the country closer to Iran, Syria and the Gulf states while distancing it still further from Israel and Greece. The government has drafted a new policy to ease land purchase for foreign nationals.

However, the policy also bans the sale of land parcels in Turkey to Israeli or Greek citizens.

Other foreign nationals will be allowed to buy parcels of land up to 99,000 square meters in size. Citizens of Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Gulf Arab states could buy land with no size limit.

Currently, Turkish law limits the usage rights of foreigners who buy Turkish land to 99 years. That draft was shelved, and the new version allows indefinite use of the land.

The policy could make Turkey “one of the top countries for foreigners in real estate ease-of-purchase,” according to the Turkish daily paper Milliyet.

Israelis are barred from purchasing land in Jordan as well. The Palestinian Authority forbids Arabs from selling land to Jews, and those who do so can be sentenced to death.

Israel is facing an attempt by many Arab buyers to amass Israeli land, particularly in the Galilee, in northern Israel, and in Jerusalem.