Muslim schoolgirls
Muslim schoolgirls Israel news photo: Flash 90

A British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) news program, Panorama, reported Monday night that children in Britain are being taught in a Saudi national curriculum on the weekends to hate Jews, Israelis and homosexuals.

The textbooks being used to teach some 5,000 Muslim children Shari'a law in 40 weekend schools are reportedly using the Saudi Arabia national curriculum. According to the segment "British Schools Muslim Rules," children as young as six years old are being taught that those who do not believe in Islam die in “hellfire.”

Students are asked by one of the textbooks to list the “reprehensible” qualities of Jews, the program reports.

The same law teaches 15-year-olds that convicted thieves should be punished by having their hands cut off on the first offense. The second time around, their feet should be cut off, according to the text used in the schools. The books also advocate the execution of homosexuals.

Other materials in the textbooks include content claiming that some Jews are transformed into pigs and apes, and that Zionists want to establish world domination by Jews.

British Education Minister Michael Gove was quoted by the program as saying that although he had no desire to interfere with Saudi Arabia as a sovereign nation, the teaching of anti-Semitic material to children in Britain was not acceptable.

The Saudi Ambassador to the UK responded to the program in writing, saying the teachings were not endorsed by the Saudi embassy.

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