PLO and and American flags
PLO and and American flagsIsrael news photo montage


The Americans have still not provided the guarantees that will enable Netanyahu to present the proposed 2nd construction freeze to the Cabinet - and MK Yaakov Katz, head of the National Union party, says he has been told they aren’t planning to. 

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has said that three conditions must be met before he accepts the American/PA demand for another freeze on Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria. These are: A guarantee that this will be the last freeze, a U.S. veto on a PA demand for independence, and no pressure on Israel to reach an agreement during the 90-day freeze.

The Americans have not yet agreed to these conditions – and MK Katz  says, "Two diplomats working for the American ambassador in Israel told me straight out that Obama never promised that the freeze would be limited in time, or that we would be allowed to build in Jerusalem. I was also told that the pressure on Israel would continue.”

Katz said that this information has been made known to Deputy Prime Minister Eli Yishai of Shas, and to MKs of the Likud.           

Shas and PA Clash on Jerusalem
Though Netanyahu did not mention construction in Jerusalem as one of his conditions, the Shas party has said it will vote against the freeze if construction in Jerusalem is not allowed.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority insists that the freeze must include Jerusalem. Speaking in Cairo on Sunday, PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas said the issues of borders must be settled during the coming period – in direct opposition to the Israeli position on this matter.

Abbas Turned Down 100%
Chief PA negotiator Saeb Erekat revealed over the weekend that Abbas rejected a proposal by former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for the establishment of a Palestinian state on an area equal to 100% of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, including 6.5% of exchanged territories.

Erekat  said that Abbas is following instructions given by the late PLO terrorist leader Yasser Arafat to accept nothing less than 100% of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, including all of liberated Jerusalem, 37 kilometers of shoreline along the Dead Sea, 46 square kilometers of former no-man’s land between Latrun and Jerusalem, full right of return for the Arabs of 1948, and free passage via Israel from Gaza to Judea and Samaria.

Sheftel on Netanyahu
Political analyst Attorney Yoram Sheftel told Arutz-7 that he does not understand why Netanyahu is acting so foolishly. “First he agrees to a freeze of ten months while receiving absolutely nothing in return. Then he promises that there won’t be another freeze – and then promptly changes his mind. He is showing the whole world that we have no standing power and that we keep on capitulating. Whatever happened to Netanyahu’s promise that the PA must first recognize Israel as a Jewish state?”

“And worst of all,” Sheftel said, “is that the party that appears to be standing guard over our national assets is a hareidi party [Shas]! This means that we have reached the lowest of the low; a non-Zionist party is protecting the walls – lit., Neturei Karta – and standing guard over a party [the Likud] that for years waved the banner of the Two Banks of the Jordan, and the Land of Israel, etc. How could we have reached this situation in which a Likud Prime Minister acts against the Likud charter, and a party like Shas is needed to watch over him?”