Police at Issawiyah (file)
Police at Issawiyah (file) Israel news photo: Flash 90

Security forces apprehended an Arab resident of Issawiyah, in northern Jerusalem, who tried to stab a woman Thursday afternoon. The woman was not hurt. 

The man, aged around 50, ran after the woman with a knife in his hand, near the entrance to Hadassah Hospital in Mount Scopus. A taxi driver who happened to see the event unfolding tackled him and pinned him down.
The suspect told police in an initial interrogation that he was planning to carry out a stabbing attack in order to prove to his friends that he does not collaborate with Israel.
Police arrested nine residents of Issawiyah earlier Thursday on suspicion that they hurled rocks 10 days ago at a car with Israeli license plates that entered the neighborhood. The suspects are believed to have planned the ambush, with some of them guiding the car into the village and others trying to hurt its occupants.
Five of the suspects are minors, and were released to house arrest. A magistrates' court ordered the other four remanded for another 48 hours.
Arabs from Issawiyah have been blamed for ongoing harassment of female students at Hebrew University.