Sudanese migrant in Israel
Sudanese migrant in Israel Israel news photo: Flash 90

National Union chairman Yaakov (Ketzaleh) Katz warned a Knesset committee Monday that 100,000 African immigrants will flood Tel Aviv in the next few years.  

MK Katz heads a committee on foreign workers and has previously sounded the alarm bells on the flood of refugees that threatens the character of the Jewish state. Most of the refugees previously settled in southern cities, where they began to dominate smaller towns and cities, such as Arad, and are a significant percentage of the population and the crime statistics.

Their movement to Tel Aviv will make Tel Aviv look like an African city, MK Katz told the committee. He added that the city’s Jews, many of whom consider themselves tolerant pacifists but oppose a Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria, ironically will flee to the hills of Samaria to "escape the flood."

Rabbi Menashe Zlicha of Pardes Katz, part of metropolitan Tel Aviv, said this week that thousands of Sudanese have fled the industrial hub, where they felt unwanted, and have moved into the suburb.

Last July, Interior Security Minister Yitzchak Aharonovitch informed the Cabinet that two and a half million Africans on Egyptian soil are waiting for a chance to cross the border illegally into Israel. He said that approximately 155,000 illegal foreign workers are in Israel and that 1,200 enter illegally every month,

Journalist Yisrael Eichler and former hareidi religious legislator told the government last year that “bleeding hearts” are making Israel a refuge for non-Jews and criminals.

Many European countries are closing their doors to immigrants from Asian and African countries, and the United States regularly deports illegal immigrants.

Israeli mainstream media and secular groups have tried to prevent the deportation of children of illegal immigrants, deflecting a campaign led by MK Katz against the growing infiltration from Africa.