Incitement for peace?
Incitement for peace? PMW

The Palestinian Authority is not preparing its people for peace, despite claims in English by Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas that he will “work against incitement of any sort.”

Abbas made the promise in May 2010 during the initial phase of proximity talks with Israel, according to a statement by the U.S. State Department which said that both parties were taking steps to “help create an atmosphere that is conducive to successful talks…”

Despite his promise to stop incitement, however, there was no discernible change in the quality or number of anti-Israel articles and programs on PA government-controlled print and broadcast media.

According to the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), the first four months following Abbas’s declaration that the PA would fulfill its commitments, from May to August 2010, brought no changes in the message transmitted from the PA government and Fatah to the grassroots population.

Contrary to Abbas’s promise in English, the PA statements in Arabic continue to deny Israel’s right to exist, define the conflict with Israel in religious terms, promote hatred through demonization and libels and glorify terror and violence.

The PA continues to teach on PA children’s educational programs that Israeli cities across the entire country, including Yafo (Jaffa) and Haifa, are Palestinian cities.

Official PA media refer to Israel as “Palestinian Interior” and “the homeland occupied in ’48.” Maps used by the PA still erase and replace Israel with “Palestine.”

The PA also continues to honor terrorists and glorify violence, and its summer camps teach children “the culture of resistance (violence), the culture of stones and guns.”