Hamas in Gaza
Hamas in Gaza Israel news photo: Flash 90

A car bomb exploded at the Hamas offices in Gaza City, killing at least one person and injuring one other. Hamas blamed the explosion on the IDF, which has not commented.

The blast occurred near the Palestinian Authority passport office in the western part of the city. It is not yet known who was behind the attack.

Hamas media reported that a man identified as Mohammed Jamal al-Nimnim, 27, was getting out of his car when an explosion killed him. The terrorist organization claimed that evidence of a missile was found near the victim’s car. Hamas did not comment on the wounded person.

It also contradicted its admission earlier this week that its terrorist militia and security forces lost more than 500 members in Operation Cast Lead two years ago. In Hamas’s report on the explosion in Gaza, it repeated its previous claim that “the Zionist forces killed 1400 Palestinian civilians.”

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