Molotov cocktail thrown towards Israeli car
Molotov cocktail thrown towards Israeli car Shomron Regional Council

Arabs threw three Molotov cocktails on Monday evening at a vehicle that was making its way on the road from Kedumim to Elon Moreh in Samaria. The vehicle was driven by a resident of Emanuel who heard a loud whistle coming from the side of the road and saw the cocktails being hurled towards his vehicle.

The cocktails missed the vehicle and no one was hurt. IDF soldiers who were alerted to the scene located two cocktails that did not explode near the road.

Several hours earlier, reported members of the Shomron Regional Council, a fire broke out in the area, after Arabs who were taking part in the olive harvest set fire to field spikes near the community of Har Bracha. The fire spread to a distance of nearly 100 meters from the houses in Har Bracha before being put out by firefighters.

Har Bracha Secretary Yisrael Sa'adia said: “At about 2 o'clock in the afternoon Arabs from the village of Burin finished harvesting their olive trees and started a fire in at least two locations in the community. At the last minute we managed to put out the fire, due in part to actions taken by firefighters."

Sa'adia added that "this is not the first time that Arabs from Burin set fires that endanger the community and gravely damage its agriculture. Often the Arabs are led by extreme left-wing Jews, who lead them toward the community and its agricultural land, waving PLO flags and red flags.”

The Shomron Regional Council said that Monday’s events are considered an escalation and are only two out of a series of attacks against Jews that have taken place since the beginning of the olive harvest.

Two weeks ago, two residents of Elon Moreh were assaulted by a large group of Arabs and foreign Anarchist activists. The two Jewish residents were doing maintenance work on the community's  Sabbath eruv within the boundaries of the community when they were jumped on and attacked by the group.  The two were hit repeatedly with stones and metal bars.

Shortly afterward, a large fire broke out at Havat Gilad. IDF artillery brigade soldiers who were at the scene saw an Arab fleeing the blazing field but did not manage to apprehend him.

Gershon Mesika, director of the Shomron Regional Council, said following the incident: "Every year as the olive harvest approaches, left wing extremists from Israel and abroad come into this region with the goal of causing provocations and conflicts. I call on the police and army to keep these hooligans out of the area in order to prevent the violent events that they cause here. Jews and Arabs both harvest our olives and would be glad to do so in peace, but even the needed pruining of olive trees after the harvest by their respective owners has been called willful Jewish destruction by outsiders who know nothing about growing olives, but a great deal about generating anti-Israel publicity."










Photo courtesy of the Shomron Regional Council