Corrie line of sight in D9
Corrie line of sight in D9 Israel news photo: IDF chart

The American company that supplies the IDF with bulldozers is holding up delivery until the Rachel Corrie trial ends.

Corrie, a member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), was killed in Gaza after being struck by an IDF bulldozer while kneeling as a human shield in front of a local Arab structure that was being demolished in an anti-terror operation. Corrie became a martyr of sorts for the anti-Israeli international Left, which portrays her as a fighter for human rights, rather than an enabler of terrorist murderers.

The foreign anarchist's parents, Craig and Cindy Corrie, filed a civil lawsuit against the IDF, which resumed in September in a Haifa court. The driver of the bulldozer testified that he did not see Corrie drop to her knees in front of the bulldozer shovel, due to the extremely limited line of vision afforded by the cab in which he sat.

ISM members who were with her claimed in prior testimony that she was standing during the March 16, 2003 incident.

But eyewitnesses at the scene told a different tale to various news reporters who wrote about the incident, including one from the New York Times. Several versions were also posted on the ISM website.

“The bulldozer drove toward Rachel slowly, gathering earth in its scoop as it went. She knelt there, she did not move,” said one.

A second colleague added, “She did not 'trip and fall' in front of the bulldozer. She sat down in front of it, well in advance.”

Her parents have claimed there was a deliberate attempt by the IDF to kill the activist.

Meanwhile, according to a report broadcast last week by Israel's Channel 2 television news, Caterpillar has announced it will delay supplying Israel with the D9 bulldozer it manufactures until the trial is over.

Although the company does not produce a military machine for the IDF, Israel's army nevertheless has found the bulldozer to be compatible with many of its operations.

Caterpillar, which has significantly increased its market share in China over the past six months, also signed in September a $641 million contract with the U.S. Department of Defense.



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