Security barrier near Jerusalem
Security barrier near Jerusalem Arutz 7 photo: Shimon Cohen

Border Guards killed a Hevron Arab early Sunday morning after he tried to steal the gun of a policeman who tried to arrest him when he infiltrated into the Jerusalem area without a work permit.

Most illegal workers are not terror suspects, but the Arab’s attempt to steal the policeman’s gun raises questions about his presence near the security fence a short distance from the French Hill neighborhood.

Border Guards spotted him and more than a dozen other Arabs crossing the barrier. They pursued the group, and the Hevron Arab, age 37, began to struggle with the Border Guard and then reached for his revolver when he was caught. Investigators are probing the possibility that the gun misfired and that the policeman did not intend to shoot the Arab.

In other security developments, Israel soldiers overnight arrested a suspected terrorist near Ramallah, north of Jerusalem.