Guarding Beit Yehonatan (file)
Guarding Beit Yehonatan (file) Arutz Sheva

Police have informed residents of Beit Yehonatan - the lone Jewish building in a currently Arab section of the City of David, below the Temple Mount - that it is revoking permits to all the planned tours of their neighborhood, Shiloach Village (Silwan), because of security situation there.

Most of the tours were arranged after Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem David Hadari asked the general public to come to Beit Yehonatan and receive information about plans for future Jewish settlement in Shiloach. The permits given to the tours were canceled over the past 24 hours.    

Since the start of the Ramadan and the onset of the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Arab violence is on the rise in Jerusalem, as it is elsewhere.

Arabs in eastern Jerusalem threw no less than 60 firebombs on the night between Saturday and Sunday. Twenty more were thrown on Sunday night. Several days ago, a private Jewish security guard shot and killed an Arab who was part of a group that had ambushed him at Shiloach. This event led to further Arab violence. 

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