Hevron: Child victim talks to police
Hevron: Child victim talks to policeIsrael news photo: David Wilder

Young Arab men have targeted Jewish children twice this week in the city of Hevron. One attacker repeatedly exposed himself to young Jewish girls. He was arrested on Thursday.

Earlier in the week, an eight-year-old Jewish boy was attacked by a gang of Arab men as he made his way to school. His attackers ran off and hid in a nearby Arab school.

Instead of turning the attackers out, teachers at the Arab school gave them shelter and prevented IDF soldiers or police from entering the building to search for them. The principal also barred security forces from entering.

Israeli police surrounded the building, but did not enter. Jewish residents of Hevron began to gather outside the gates of the school and held a spontaneous rally calling on police to enforce the law on Palestinian Authority Arab attackers as well as Israelis.

Police eventually brought about the attackers' surrender. The group walked out to a waiting police car, and were arrested and taken to a nearby station for questioning.